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Electronic Gates and Barriers

We work to provide and install security barriers in buildings and entrances using different types of specifications and of high quality. And many of our projects in this field exist with many security agencies, devices and sites that require tight security measures. We have experts in assessing the security situation and identifying risk areas and open areas. We work to provide many roadblocks, which are not only limited to hydraulic bumpers, but include compulsory stopping poles, movement obstruction, wheel thorns, electronic gates, entry barriers, and route determination for vehicles and people,

Detection and identity verification gates for people and gates through fingerprint , facial recognition or code reading.

All equipment can be linked and controlled through an electronic system that allows remote control, as there are some forms that allow it to be transported and installed in temporary places and this is done in a safe, easy-to-handle and high-quality manner that is not inferior to other fixed types.